Ven, Encuentra a Cristo!

¿Te has preguntado cómo sería encontrarte con Cristo viviente? ¿Has anhelado compartirle tus más profundas preocupaciones y escucharlo hablarte al corazón? ¡Ven, Encuentra a Cristo! te ayudará a experimentar a Cristo viviente y te inspirará a conocerlo mejor.

Cada experiencia de ¡Ven, Encuentra a Cristo! se llevará a cabo durante tres noches consecutivas. Cada noche incluirá diferentes temas y predicadores dinámicos – todo enfocado en la verdadera presencia Eucarística de Jesús y como comenzar una relación personal con nuestro Señor y Salvador.

Enero 25, 26, 27 todos los dias a las 7:00p Holy Redeemer 1721 Junction Detroit , MI 48209 los predicadores seran el Reverendísimo Arturo Cepeda y Padre Noel Cornelio con música de Walter Melara y el grupo Adorándote.


The Archdiocese of Detroit is committed to Evangelization, continually looking to make disciples by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Spiritual formation is a key element of the archdiocesan evangelization initiative and preparation for the archdiocesan synod on evangelization November 18-20, 2016. “Come, Encounter Christ!” is a series of 30 vibrant gatherings featuring inspirational preaching, uplifting live music, Eucharistic adoration, and opportunities for private confession!

Have you wondered what it’s like to encounter the living Christ? Have you longed to share your deepest concerns and hear Him speak into your heart? Come, Encounter Christ! will help you to experience the living Christ and inspire you to know Him more.

Each Come, Encounter Christ! experience will occur on three consecutive evenings with different themes and dynamic preachers each night – all focused on the true Eucharistic presence of Jesus and how to begin a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

A unique worshipful experience

Dramatic lighting, incense, and procession will draw you into the true presence of Jesus Christ. Come hear dynamic, life-applicable preaching relevant for experiencing Jesus and encountering him like never before.


Come, experience the power of live praise and worship music. Featuring local artists such as Beata and composer Timothy R. Smith, who has written 100+ musical compositions published by the Oregon Catholic Press!

Share the love of Christ

Invite a loved one to grow in their relationship with Christ. Have a friend or neighbor who needs the love and mercy of Christ? Invite them to come! Know anyone who has lost faith, left the Catholic Church, or is indifferent to God? Invite them, too!

Hospitality and refreshments will be available at the conclusion of each night.

No need to register – just come and experience the joy of the living Christ!

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