October 3, 2013 Minutes

SouthWest Vicariate Pastoral Council Minutes

The Southwest Vicariate is a multicultural community of Christians.  We are animated by the Eucharist and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We strive to share Christ with all people.  We are called to serve a diverse community leading all people to truth and justice through prayer, education and works of charity.

Holy Trinity School Family Room
Minutes of Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fr. Dennis, our vicar, called the meeting to order at 7:23 PM.

Fr. Dennis, our vicar, led us in an opening prayer.

AOD:  Fr. Dennis, our Vicar from Holy Redeemer; Francisco, our webmaster
Holy Redeemer:  Maria Tabares, Rosa Garcia; Dorothy Alcala
St. Francis/St. Hedwig:  Helen Abela; Jane Rusin
Excused:  Tressa Komara, Marianne Windhorst; Sr. Lorraine

The minutes from the last meeting were read and accepted.

Fr. Dennis asked for reports from the commissions – Catholic Schools, Christian Service and Outreach, Youth and Young Adults, and Evangelization.  None of the chairs were available to present reports on their plans/ recent activities.

Fr. Dennis stated that the commissions are in the beginning steps.  Members of the various commissions can come from the parishes but the commissions must involve all parishes.  Christian Service and Outreach could is big in our vicariate because of the various events and groups within our parishes.  Fr. Dennis explained that because the Southwest Vicariate is small, we chose 4 of the 7 pastoral priorities to focus on.

Fr. Eduardo Montemayor, Associate Director of Evangelization and Hispanic Ministry within our region, which consists of 4 vicariates, wants to attend our meeting to discuss evangelization.


St. Francis/St. Hedwig:
Parish festival is this weekend, October 5 and 6.
St. Francis D’Assisi church will celebrate its 125th anniversary October 2014.
St. Hedwig church will celebrate its 110th anniversary December 2013.
St Francis is holding a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, October 13th directly after the 10AM Mass.

Holy Redeemer:
On October 25th a big meeting of the Guadalupanas will be held.
Revive is continuing until December 3rd.
Holy Redeemer School is doing well.  At the beginning of the school year enrollment was 138.  Now enrollment is 142.  Sometimes children start the school year at a Detroit Public School and then their parents realize it is better and safer at a catholic school.

Holy Cross Hungarian Church:
On Sunday October 6, Holy Cross will celebrate their Hungarian Culture with Music and Dancing with entertainers from Budapest.

Sts. Anne (This report was sent via email by Sr. Lorraine.  It will be read at our next VPC meeting):
Somehow we at Ste. Anne’s never received the message about the changed date for the last meeting.  We are grateful for Marianne agreeing to take on this role of keeping us all in the loop now!

The SWV DRE’s had a good meeting today and we are getting more and more in sync in how we run the programs at our parishes and share information with and support each other.  We strongly hope that we can have a smaller confirmation ceremony than last year’s with Bishop Hanchon since we received many complaints from parents about how little they could see and hear.

The change in the Quinceanera policy at Redeemer has affected us so that we have decided that we only do quinceaneras for those who are already Ste. Anne parishioners.  With that limitation we can still offer individual quinceaneras at this point.

I would also like to talk about Immigration and wondering if we can come together in the SWV in some way.  This is an issue which the US church is very clear on, but it seems we haven’t managed to come together for this cause in our area.  It would be great if we could have a hand out on “what to do and who to contact if you or a loved one is detained by the authorities” and a list of trustworthy lawyers.  Maybe some of you have this information already?

Another SWV concern is in relation to Hispanic Ministry and the Feast of Guadalupe.  The Guadalupanas expressed valid concerns about having a celebration on Dec. 11 at the cathedral, but that seemed not to factor into the decision to go ahead and set that celebration.  My concern is that that approach has led to discouragement and a sense that the archdiocese isn’t really here for the Hispanic community in the SWV.

Gilberto and Carlos can fill you in on the rest of the things going on at Ste. Anne’s.

Blessings and see you next time!

Sr. Lorraine


Francisco, our web master, attended our meeting.  A discussion was held about how much and what type of information should be placed on the Southwest Vicariate website.  This discussion will continue at our next meeting.  Fr. Dennis does not believe that the information on the vicariate website is to take the place of or duplicate everything on the parish websites.  The minutes from the Southwest Vicariate Pastoral council should be placed on the website as well as information concerning big events at the individual parishes.  Information about regular parish events – meetings, prayer groups, rosary groups – should be placed on the individual parish website.  The Southwest Vicariate website has links to all parish websites in our vicariate.

There was a discussion that if the minutes contain certain information that should not be given to all members of our vicariate, a notation will be placed on the minutes to tell the webmaster not to post that information.

Information will be given to the webmaster through Tressa and Gelberto.

The purpose of our Vicariate Pastoral Council is communication for our parishes.

Report from Tressa Komara (This report was sent via emai by Tress Komara.  It will be read at the next VPC meeting):

Christian Service & Outreach Update

At the June 2013 meeting I commented that I was still unclear on the best way to obtain information on upcoming Christian Service activities and Outreach programs at each parish.

I am able to download the current parish bulletins from all the parishes except for St. Stephen/Mary Mother of the Church but have received copies through the mail from Mary Pociasek. I can retrieve the information for Francisco but again, do we want to bombard him with bulletins? I don’t feel that would be fair or productive for him. I am hoping that each parish representative would be willing to provide me with the Christian Service and Outreach Programs that their parish would like on the Vicariate website. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

AOD Pastoral Council Update

I attended my first AOD Pastoral Council meeting on Monday June 17, 2013. All the Vicariates were represented and each region was asked to give updates on the Together In Faith Pastoral Priorities.

The Southwest region breakout session consensus was that we have been more focused on the parish mergers rather than the Pastoral Priorities but now that most of parishes have completed that phase, attention now must be drawn back to the Priorities

A lot of time was spent talking about the importance of both Catholic Schools and Youth & Young Adults Ministry. I explained that we are focusing our efforts on 3 of the 7: Catholic Schools, Christian Service and Youth & Young Adults.

We are fortunate enough to have Catholic schools in our Vicariate which are doing well. There were quite a few success stories on how other Vicariates are encouraging young people to be more involved with the Church.

The next meeting will be held Monday October 07, 2013.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 7th at Holy Trinity School Family Room 7PM.  Fr. Dennis may not be able to attend.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:17 with closing prayer led by Fr. Dennis.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Rusin

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