Living in the Spirit for Missionary Disciples

Mini-Retreat with Paco Gavrilides

January 23, 2016 10am-1pm

Living in the Holy Spirit is so much more than having a one-time powerful, spiritually awakened encounter with God. We will learn how to walk in the Holy Spirit, hear and obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings and come under His anointing for the work of ministry as Jesus Christ’s missionary disciples.

The Holy Spirit is Sent by the Father through Jesus Christ Enabling all those who Live in Him to a Life of Vibrant and Fruitful Discipleship. This Mini Retreat Seeks to Open Us to the Vision, the Possibilities, and the Wisdom of God for Actively Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in God’s Plan for our Individual Lives and for the Entire Church.

Talk 1: The Holy Spirit and the Call to Holiness 

Talk 2: The Holy Spirit Protagonist of Communion and Mission 

Talk 3: The Holy Spirit: Defeating the Works of the Flesh and Healing our Brokenness

An Opportunity for Prayer will be Available Following the Final Presentation after 1pm

Admission cost $5 payable at the door
Breakfast foods and snacks will be available
For questions please contact Rochelle Rosenbaum at 248-528-1401 or


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